Not much here …

I have various projects underway here, although none of them are really ready for the public eye. Primarily this exists as a place for me to have a proper email account. Which, I'd imagine, is the only way that you got to this website, unless I sent you something stored there (feel special.) You can contact me by either my initials or my first name as my email address*, at this domain name, or at another of several websites set up for different projects I have going on (literature, fashion, theology, and sobriety, in no particular order; although the last is a bit of a prerequisite.)

Particularly since I'm fairly certain that I'm no longer interested in the straight job/career path that I've held for a long time, anyone with an interest in investing in one of my ventures is more than encouraged to reach out; as are attractive women. Ideally petite brunettes with a perky personality and a “certain brilliance of understanding.”

(Yes, I'm fucking with you. On both counts.)

(But still. Brunettes. Money is cool, too.)

If you feel like you need to contact me privately, you can use this (public key. need not apply.)

— P

Quid quid?

Has nothing to do with the GBP (although as of this writing you should go balls-deep long.)

(‘Whatever.’ Kind of. I don't know what the Romans would say to be on some 90s style flippant shit, like, yeah, whatever. I mean, fuck, try saying something like o, eia vero, quaecumque dixero vobis a couple times in a row in a sarcastic tone.)

I was probably (at once grimly and hopefully) thinking about “…quidquid deliquisti…,” though, because there are plenty.

* If you truly have no idea who I am, and for some reason want to find out, qq@… will do the trick.
Expect me to be simultaneously more and less interesting (and pleasant) than you would expect.

Obiter dictum: Whatever was probably one of my favorite albums of that decade. Watching that one video I forgots she was already doing the suit thing in those years. No tie though. It's a better look IMO. But she is cute AF doing that sort of grunge thing in the other ones TBH. I actually got to hang out with her somewhere along the line, actually. She is really fucking cool and the only (under-celebrated) celebrity that I ever spent time with who I honestly enjoyed spending time with more than, like, just “Cool, I'm hanging out with famous/talented/pretty people.” Good people. All of the were shit TBH.