Quid quid?

Has nothing to do with the GBP (although as of this writing you should go balls-deep long.)

(‘Whatever.’ Kind of. I don't know what the Romans would say to be on some 90s* style flippant shit, yeah, whatever. Try saying something like quaecumque dixero vobis twice in a row in a sarcastic tone.)

I was probably thinking about …quidquid deliquisti…, though, because there are plenty.

* Obiter dictum: Whatever was probably one of my favorite albums of that decade (She is cute af doing that sort of grunge thing TBH. I actually got to hang out with her somewhere along the line, actually. She is really fucking cool and the only (sort of?) celebrity that I ever spent time with who I would honestly enjoyed spending time with more than, like, just the “I'm hanging out with famous/talented/hot people” type shit. Good people.)